Health Education

Health education is ensuring to every extent possible that patients and their supportive persons are made aware of and assisted with learning information that they need to enhance patient self-care and protect and enhance patient health. Health education is integrated into all aspects of our nursing practice and includes information and skills. It may be formal or informal, specific or general.

Health education is closely associated with patient engagement in self-care and family, friends, and community supportive participation in care. It is emphasised specifically in several of the standardised nursing diagnoses, outcomes and interventions. Concern with health education begins with the admission assessment of the patient and continues with on-going assessments. It includes assessment of patients' broad knowledge of health and also their knowledge and skills related to their particular health-related needs. Overall, health education is designed to help patients maximise their care for themselves, maintain a safe environment and engage in on-going healthy growth and development. 

Therese C. Meehan ¬© April 2015