Historical Background

Doona M.E. (1995) Sister Mary Joseph Croke: another voice from the Crimean war, 1854–1856. Nursing History Review 3, 3–41.
This historical study is based on the Crimean war journal of Mary Joseph Croke. It describes and analyses the Irish nurses' practice at the Koulali and Crimean hospitals, their relationship with Florence Nightingale and the the complex and often fraught cultural, political and social circumstances in which they worked.  

PDF icon The Irish connection (The_Irish_Connection_MCM_and_FN_WIN.pdf | 305 kB)

Meehan T. (2010) The Irish connection World of Irish Nursing & Midwifery, 9, 28-9.
Written during the commemoration in Ireland of the 100th anniversary of the death of Florence Nightingale, this article celebrates Nightingale's association with Irish nursing through her close relationship with Mary Clare Moore, an Irish nurse with whom she worked on an almost daily basis during their time at the Scutari hospitals.

PDF icon In the shadows of nursing history (Shadows_nursing_history.pdf | 2.76 MB)

Meehan T.C. (2005) In the shadows of nursing history. Reflections on Nursing Leadership 31, 32–33, 42.
This short article provides an overview of the Irish nurses and their system of careful nursing at the Crimean war. In nursing history books their presence and work at the war is often overshadowed by the work of Florence Nightingale.

PDF icon An Irishwoman’s Diary, The Irish Times (Irish_Womans_Diary_Saturday_November_20_2004.pdf | 94 kB)

Meehan T. (2004) An Irishwoman's Diary, The Irish Times, November 20th p.15.
This newspaper article was written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Irish nurses' departure to the Crimean war hospitals to nurse the sick and wounded British and Irish soldiers.