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How are we doing with clinical reasoning and decision-making?30 June 2019

We ask ourselves this question in relation to the Careful Nursing professional practice model concept, clinical reasoning and decision-making, a key concept of the Professional Competence and Excellence (PCE) dimension. Read more »

"Stillness stops" Making stillness truly a nursing value?31 May 2019

For this blog we are back again with stillness. Read more »

Why stillness? What is stillness anyway?30 April 2019

Nurses' practice of stillness for at least 5 minutes during personal time every day is essential for the effective practice of Careful Nursing. Read more »

Kindness: What does it mean to be kind?31 March 2019

Without doubt, human kindness is an issue of unending concern in society at-large, in healthcare, and in the nursing profession in particular. Read more »

Nursing Diagnosis and the Nurses' Strike28 February 2019

Nurses do not go on strike unless they have been pushed to the limit of their practice situations, and so it is currently for nurses in Ireland. Read more »

Spread the Word! A Nursing Knowledge/NANDA-I Educational Visit to Ireland31 January 2019

We are very happy to announce that from June 8 – 16, 2019, we are hosting this 8-day visit to Ireland, and look forward to welcoming our nursing colleagues from the United States and around the world. Read more »

The True Value of Nurses31 December 2016

'Now I see the true value of nurses' writes D. Eoin O'Brien, in a recent issue of The Sunday Times [Irish Edition] (2016, p.19). Read more »

Careful Nursing Awards at Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines, Iowa, USA30 November 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Careful Nursing Award recipients at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Read more »

Nursing Diagnosis: The Fulcrum of the Practice Competence and Excellence Dimension31 October 2016

A fulcrum is defined as the point of support on which a lever turns in moving something up to a higher position (Fulcrum 2017). If we say that nursing diagnosis is the fulcrum of practice competence and excellence, we are saying that it has a very important effect in elevating the quality of our professional nursing practice. Read more »

Patient Centred Care Using Careful Nursing30 September 2016

We enjoy working with the Careful Nursing Philosophy and Professional Practice Model and have responsibility for implementing it at St. Vincent's University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. Read more »

The Buck Stops Where?31 August 2016

In an article titled 'The crisis in caring: An evidence-based response', Fergus O'Ferrall (2013) addresses several widely reported failures of health professionals in Ireland and the United Kingdom to provide even the minimal expected level of care for hospitalised patients Read more »

Great Tenderness in All Things31 July 2016

The concept of great tenderness in all things is unique to the Careful Nursing Philosophy and Professional Practice Model (Careful Nursing). It emerged from the historical documents describing the practice of the early to mid-19th century nurses on which Careful Nursing is based, because it infused their practice. Read more »