Earlier Development

These articles, read from the bottom up, concern the earlier development of the Careful Nursing Philosophy and Professional Practice Model (Careful Nursing) up until 2012. These articles are now too old to be used to reference current thinking and practice. More current Careful Nursing publications which reflect subsequent elaborations and minor revisions of principles and concepts are available under the Practice and Research heading. 

PDF icon The Careful Nursing philosophy and professional practice model (The_Careful_Nursing_Philosophy_and_Professional_Practice_Mod.pdf | 271 kB)

Meehan T.C. (2012) The Careful Nursing philosophy and professional practice model Journal of Clinical Nursing, 21, 2905–2916.

A discursive paper on the development of Careful Nursing as a philosophy and professional practice model, rather than a conceptual model or grand theory of nursing. Note that as of July 2014 use of the terms dimension and concept have been reversed and some principles and concepts have been elaborated.

Meehan T.C. (2003) Careful Nursing: a model for contemporary nursing practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing 44, 99–107.

This study reports a preliminary content analysis of mainly primary source historical documentation of the 19th century careful nursing system and presents it within the structure of a contemporary conceptual model of nursing. It is recognised that further development and critical evaluation of the model are needed.

PDF icon Elaborating the tradition of Careful Nursing in Ireland (Binder_Elaborating_Careful_Nursing_39-50.pdf | 1.55 MB)

Meehan T.C. (2007/2001) Elaborating the tradition of Careful Nursing in Ireland. In Nursing Knowledge Development and Clinical Practice (Roy C. & Jones D.A. Eds.). Springer Publishing Company, New York, pp. 39-50.

A book chapter based on a paper presented at the Emerging Nursing Knowledge Conference, Boston College School of Nursing in 2001. Although not published until 2007, it represents the first presentation of preliminary work to develop Careful Nursing.