Related Reading

PDF icon The Crisis in Caring: An Evidence-Based Approach (The_Crisis_in_Caring_An_Evidence_Based_Response_F._O_Ferrall_Studies_102_407_pp324_335.pdf | 922 kB)

O'Ferrall, Fergus (2013) Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review, 102(407), pp. 324-335.

An overview of a crisis in caring occurring in Irish healthcare services. Nursing is both implicated in and called upon to take the lead in reversing this crisis by re-focusing on and strengthening its traditional spiritually-oriented values of sensitivity, compassion and caring in all aspects of patient care. Implementing Careful Nursing is suggested as one way of achieving this.

PDF icon Contagious calmness: a sense of calmness in acute care settings (Contagious_Calmness_Proudfoot_1983.pdf | 10.67 MB)

A clinical description of the importance of nurses' calmness in acute and critical care situations and how to develop and maintain this skill. It was recognised as a perfect contemporary fit for the Careful Nursing historical data on calmness. The term contagious calmness was taken from this article.

PDF icon A Little Tenderness goes a long way (A_Little_Tenderness_Goes_a_Long_Way_Lucy_Galland_Nursing_2008.pdf | 59 kB)

A moving story of a busy clinical nurse's unexpected encounter with a dying patient which she describes as tenderness.

PDF icon When the walls listened (When_the_Walls_Listened_SH_Wisser_1978_AJN.pdf | 1.14 MB)

An ICU nurse's experience of always talking with and explaining her care to a critically ill, unconscious patient and the patient's later report of what this had meant to him, when he had been considered medically to be unconscious.