Blog Subjects by Date

This list is provided because the blog heading does not allow for all the blog subjects to be listed. 

Highlighted blogs have a link to the actual blog to facilitate students writing Careful Nursing papers and case studies. 

Blog Subjects by Date: 

June 2014 ---- Welcome to the First Careful Nursing Blog 

 July 2014 ---- Implementing Careful Nursing in a Hospital

August 2014 ---- News from New Zealand Nō Aotearoa tenei pānui

September 2014 ---- Careful Nursing Therapeutic Milieu Presented in Croatia 

October 2014 ---- No time! – Too busy! 

November 2014 ---- A Roll-Out: Implementing Careful Nursing 

December 2014 ---- Time-out for stillness each day: A Careful Nursing New Year's Resolution 

January 2015 ---- "I will" Statements: Embedding Careful Nursing in Practice 

February 2015 ---- Reflections on the Meaning of Careful 

March 2015 ---- Careful Nursing: Reflections of a Senior Nurse Manager 

April 2015 ---- The Invisible Patient: Media Spotlight the Vital Importance of Essential Nursing Care

May 2015 ---- Critical Thinking: Guidelines from Thomas Aquinas

June 2015 ---- Advice On Doing Something You Think You Can't Do!

July 2015 ---- Edith Stein: A philosopher for nursing

August 2015 ---- The Nursing Process in a New Key Using Standardised Nursing Languages

September 2015 ---- The Stillness-Calmness Umbrella: Shade from the Heat of the Shift

October 2015 ---- Measurements, Metres, Metrics and Careful Nursing

November 2015 ---- Careful Nursing Philosophy and Demands of Clinical Practice

December 2015 ---- Meet the Careful Nursing Message Bug !

January 2016 ---- Professional Power Walking: Using NANDA-I Nursing Diagnoses to Drive Nursing Practice

February 2016 ---- Nursing Assessment Made 'Easy' - More is Less

March 2016 ---- The Mind of Nursing

April 2016 ---- Nursing Professional Practice Models

May 2016 ---- Using the HUSH to Support the Therapeutic Milieu

June 2016 ---- Careful Nursing as Nursing Values

July 2016 ---- Great Tenderness in All Things 

August 2016 ---- The Buck Stops Where? 

September 2016 ---- Patient Centred Care Using Careful Nursing

October 2016 ---- Nursing Diagnosis: The Fulcrum of the Practice Competence and Excellence Dimension

November 2016 ---- Careful Nursing Awards at Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines, Iowa, USA

December 2016 ---- The True Value of Nurses

February 2019 ---- Nursing Diagnosis and the Nurses' Strike

March 2019 ---- Kindness: What does it mean to be kind?

April 2019 ---- Why stillness? What is stillness anyway?

May 2019 ---- "Stillness stops" Making stillness truly a nursing value?

June 2019 ---- How are we doing with clinical reasoning and decision-making?