Advice On Doing Something You Think You Can't Do!

Have you ever really wanted to do something but thought, or were told, that "It couldn't be done"? Well, think again! Here's some advice from a forbear writing in one of the earliest issues of Irish Nursing News.

It Couldn't Be Done

Somebody told him "it couldn't be done" --

But he, with a chuckle replied

That maybe it couldn't but he would be one

Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried.


So, he buckled right in with the trace of a grin

On his face: if he suffered, he hid it

And he started to sing as he tackled the thing

That "couldn't be done"--and he did it!


There are plenty to tell you "it cannot be done,"

Plenty to prophecy failure:

Plenty to name for you one after one

The dangers that wait to assail you!


But just buckle in with the trace of a grin

And take off your coat and set to it

And start to sing as you tackle the thing

That "cannot be done"--and you'll do it!



Anon (1922) It Couldn't Be Done. Irish Nursing News, 1 (2).

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