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Careful Nursing is a contemporary interpretation of the nursing system developed by early to mid-19th century Irish nurses. At the Crimean war (1853-1856) some worked with and alongside Florence Nightingale who very much appreciated their contribution to her nursing endeavour, as well as the opportunity to learn more about nursing from them. 

This website is designed to serve as a source of information and a means of communication about Careful Nursing as it is further developed, critically examined, used and tested. Over time more information and resources will become available.

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Three principles underlie the philosophy:

  • the nature and inherent dignity of the human person
  • the existence of Infinite Transcendent Reality in life processes
  • health as human flourishing

Professional Practice Model

Professional practice is guided by four concepts and their dimensions;

  • the therapeutic milieu 
  • practice competence and excellence 
  • management of practice and influence in health systems
  • professional authority 
Careful Nursing focuses on and integrates the active/clinical/management and contemplative/relationship aspects of practice. It emphasises nurses' professional nursing authority and responsibility for their contribution to health services.

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